Context and Clarity Chuck and Karen get a little serious and talk about the important reason they changed the name of the show. Karen admits she is wrong and Chuck admits he is biased.

War on Drugs-Corrections

-Karen Michelle We were wrong. There is much about the narrative on the War on Drugs and corrections that cursory research led us to believe that ended up being wrong. Here are some of the issues we assumed were true and found pretty convincing evidence to the contrary. The War on Drugs caused Mass Incarceration … Continue reading War on Drugs-Corrections

Government Shutdown. How We Got Here. What it Means

-Karen Michelle The main topic of conversation these days is the current government shutdown. But we had questions. And we thought you might as well, so we decided to dig a little deeper for some answers. What exactly is a government shutdown? Well, really, in order to understand  a shutdown, you have to know about … Continue reading Government Shutdown. How We Got Here. What it Means

Election History – Part 3

-Karen Michelle Last week we looked at voter fraud claims from both the left and the right and tried to figure out what was truth and what was party driven narrative. Marketing When it comes to election tampering, recognize the power of research based psychological marketing. Both sides used behavioral studies to craft marketing strategies … Continue reading Election History – Part 3