Karen and Chuck discuss what we have seen so far from Trump’s corporate tax cuts.  Karen does an unauthorized commercial for Target.

In the third installment of their immigration series, Chuck and Karen attempt to unravel the mess that is immigration policy and dissect current border actions. Then Karen meekly offers solutions and Chuck solves everything.


This Meme Monday we analyze the claim that undocumented immigrants weigh down the American welfare system. Chuck and Karen again encounter the dubious nature of internet “facts”.

Chuck and Karen delve into the storied and eerily familiar history of immigration policy. Karen makes inappropriate jokes about her favorite former President. Chuck, in his infinite perfection, is properly horrified at Karen’s antics. The two discover that as usual, there is nothing new under the sun

Karen and Chuck discuss trade wars and tariffs.

Immigration Part 1

Chuck and Karen factualize some memes (and make up a new word) and give an overview of immigration in America. Chuck is tragically Irish. Karen laughs at him.

Karen decides to replace Doris Kearns Goodwin as the “official” presidential historian.  And what she finds out is disturbing.  She also knows how to properly pronounce lyssophobia, but refuses to do it. I mostly just listen, as usual.
Karen tries again to get us an EXPLICIT warning.  You can take the girl out of Florida………………

Karen and Chuck deconstruct a meme that state that cities have too much influence over elections.  We discuss the Electoral College.  Chuck has some really insightful solutions.  Karen complains.

Chuck and Karen take on nationalism. Karen is annoyed by whipped cream. Chuck tries to be difficult but Karen wins.

Karen and Chuck discuss military holidays and how we improperly use the flag.

War on Drugs and Corrections. Chuck and Karen discuss US drug policy’s effect on Corrections. They also find out they are wrong and aren’t afraid to admit it. Well, Karen isn’t.

After yet another school shooting, Chuck and Karen explore a meme regarding causation.  Karen cites studies, Chuck talks about the moon landing.

Chuck “Enlightens” us. Karen is quirky. Join is as we quirkily discuss drug courts. And listen to Karen stumble over recidivism while Chuck nails it!

Chuck can’t pronounce multi-syllable words, has a shady past. And Karen gets weepy.

This week we discuss freedom of speech, the far left, and the far right.  (We don’t care much for either).

Karen and Chuck, (mostly Karen) interview Independent candidate for Congress, Ed Rushman from California’s 46th district. Find his views here.  https://rushman.org/

Suing yourself.  Why do lies spread so fast? Coffee can burn you and Karen struggles to remain professional!

Karen and Chuck discuss drug policies by Presidential administrations. Karen’s beloved Thunder comeback from 25 points down and win a playoff game.

Karen and Chuck Discuss memes about Pence’s alleged Russian connections and Paul Ryan’s wealth

The battles that led to the war. In the process of discussing the Criminal Justice system, Chuck and Karen decided they must first go back and examine the battles of addiction that led to the “War on Drugs”. Karen appreciates Chuck’s joke and Chuck offends hippies (but not real ones). And if you need someone to pass a drug test for you, Karen is your person!

Chuck and Karen dissect a meme about military spending in Syria vs. Flint pipes. Chuck apparently wants to get rid of due process. Karen sincerely hopes they were trolled by a Russian bot.

Chuck and Karen examine policy implications of scandal, look at the legality of the Cohen investigation, and Chuck has to explain The Godfather to Karen. Which breaks his heart. 

Karen and Chuck dissect memes on education and school themselves a bit. (Karen’s pun). Chuck offends all of Oklahoma.  Karen finally admits that she is from Oklahoma and can’t do math.  Then yells at Chuck.  It’s quite emotional.

Chuck and Karen review political sex scandals through history and discuss what is illegal and what just “yucky behavior” (Karen’s words). We also discover that Karen has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy.

Karen and Chuck dissect memes from the left and right.  Karen has too much coffee and researches for 11 hours without taking a break.  Despite evidence to the contrary,  she can pronounce opiate.

Chuck and Karen discuss the power of words and how to pick up on manipulative speech in politics. And Karen finally gets to use a pun in a title.

Chuck and Karen talk to Solomon Kleinsmith of Uniters.org about Centrist beliefs and how those beliefs affect the political landscape.
<a href=”https://uniters.org”>Uniters.org</a>

Karen and Chuck pick apart misleading memes sent to us by listeners.  Karen has technical difficulties AGAIN!

In final episode of Guns in America series, Chuck and Karen tackle the unspoken tragedy of gun access and suicide. If the subject of suicide disturbs you, skip this one.  They also discuss veteran issues, impulsivity, traumatic brain injury and prenatal drug exposure.

Karen and Chuck discuss the origins, the changes and how to deflate the NRA.

Karen, (a conservative with a bad cold)  and Chuck (a liberal)  discuss the 2nd Amendment. The changes of interpretation throughout the years and how it applies today. We also discuss the AR-15 and military-style weapons while trying to find common ground and sensible solutions to school shootings.

Karen and Chuck discuss how cable “news” and the 24 hour news cycle can hurt political discourse and keep you less informed.

Karen and Chuck discuss Trump’s parade, his battles with the CIA, FBI, the press and the courts, and Rob Porter.

Karen and Chuck discuss their own parties. Karen confesses her love for Ben Sasse!

Chuck and Karen explain how they arrived at their views.