The Reason for the Rants Episode -1
Feb 1st, 2018- Chuck and Karen explain how they arrived at their views.

It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry if I Want to) Episode 2
Feb 4th, 2018 – Karen and Chuck discuss their own parties. Karen confesses her love for Ben Sasse!

Porter Parades and Power Play Episode 3
Feb 10th, 2018 -Karen, and Chuck discuss Trump’s parade, his battles with the CIA, FBI, the press and the courts, and Rob Porter.

The Curse of Cable – Episode 4
Feb 13th, 2018 -Kare, and Chuck discuss how cable “news” and the 24-hour news cycle can hurt political discourse and keep you less informed.

Guns in America Part 1 – Episode 5
Feb 20th, 2018 – Karen, (a conservative with a bad cold)  and Chuck (a liberal)  discuss the 2nd Amendment. The changes of interpretation throughout the years and how it applies today. We also discuss the AR-15 and military-style weapons while trying to find common ground and sensible solutions to school shootings.

Guns in America Part 2. The NRA – Episode 6
Mar 2nd, 2018 -Karen and Chuck discuss the origins, the changes and how to deflate the NRA.